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Tron Energy Rental

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What is the use of wave field energy?

Currently on the TRON chain (TRON), the scenario that uses the most energy is TRC20 USDT transfer. Once the transfer is made, if the other party has a USDT balance, 32,000 energy is required (13.39 TRX will be burned if the energy is insufficient). If the other party does not have a USDT balance, 65,000 energy is required. (If there is insufficient energy, 27.2 TRX must be burned). If there are insufficient resources, the transaction cannot be completed.

Why use energy leasing

Take transferring USDT as an example. When the other party has a USDT balance, 13.39TRX needs to be burned. After purchasing energy, the energy can completely cover the handling fee consumed by the transfer (energy 32,000 currently only costs 2.0TRX), which saves about 85% compared to burning TRX directly. For handling fees, when the other party has no USDT balance, 27.2TRX needs to be burned, and only 4.0TRX is needed to purchase energy, which saves approximately 85.2% of handling fees compared to burning TRX directly.

How long does it take to receive the money after placing the order?

After the platform address receives your payment, it will be credited within 5 seconds. In rare cases, there will be delays due to delays in the block production speed of the blockchain and other reasons. The program has a fault-tolerant retry mechanism. If the payment is not credited, you do not need to Worry, it will be automatically reissued within 30 seconds. Multiple purchases can be made at the same address, there is no limit on the number of uses, and the program runs in real time 24 hours a day.